Job Title : General Insurance -Risk analysis ( HR/AD/01/15 )
Job Location : Dubai
Job Industry : Human Capital & Talent Management
Job Function : Human Resources
Preferred Nationalities : Any
Minimum Educational Qualification : Bachelor on Business Administration or equivalent
Relevant Years of Experience: : Minimum 4 years relevant experience
Age : 28-35
Posted Date : 24-07-2017

Scope of Work:

1) Assist with the management to develop annual insurance strategy and budgets.             

-Gather exposure data and complete insurance applications annually.
-Review renewal proposals.
-Review insurance policies for accuracy.
-Request and track correction endorsements.
-Maintain updated schedule of insurance.
-Complete insurance policy summaries.
-Work with insurance brokers to coordinate certificates of insurance.              

2) Assist with the management of insurance claims 
-Ensure processes in place for proper reporting of claims to insurance companies.
-Provide backup on property, general liability, auto, theft claims
-Monitor workers compensation, medical malpractice and employment practices claims.
-Provide management on claims activity as needed.
-Maintain reports as needed.

3) Review insurance contracts to ensure proper insurance provisions 
-Collaborate with departments and units to consult on contractual insurance requirements.
-Provide template insurance terms to procurement centers.             
-Develop processes to ensure departments and units are properly evaluating and maintaining insurance certificates.              

4) Provide general risk management advice and other projects 
-Consult with units and departments on mitigating and managing their own risk.               

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