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Job Title : Mechanical Engineer ( GFIN-134-10-2017 )
Job Location : Dubai
Job Industry : Others
Job Function : Engineering
Preferred Nationalities : Any
Gender : Male
Minimum Educational Qualification : BSc Mechanical Engineering
Relevant Years of Experience: : 3 to 4 years
Age : 25-35
Posted Date : 04-11-2017

Principal Accountabilities

1. Perform equipment installations, provide start-up services for new installations and introduces the customer basic features and functions.

2. Provides direction and coordination for commissioning new plant equipment.

3. Performs skilled repair work includes overhauling or rebuilding and other major repair of systems such as diesel and internal combustion engines, automatic and non-automatic transmissions,heavy duty drive line systems, pneumatic equipment and hydraulic utility systems (as per the division)

4. Investigates, troubleshoots,analyse and inspects using a wide range of diagnostic,test equipment and correct defects with necessary reparis.

5. Ensures the proper completion of work when peformes.

6. Prepare documents and submit service quotations, reports to the service manager.

7. Evaluates customer complaints and verifies the repair.

8. Schedules and supervises preventive maintenance service in a timely manner to meet service contract obligations.

9. Provides overall direction and coordinations of personnel in performance of job procedures.

10. Strives to complete the assigned scope of work in high quality manner in accordance to manufacures specifications. 

Specific Requirements

Having a mechanical hydraulic experience in material handling equipment. 

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