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Juma Al Majid Concrete Products Plants L.L.C.

The plant was established in 1974 to manufacture variety of concrete products as critical input for the burgeoning construction industry of Dubai and surrounding Emirates.

Over the years the plant has established its leadership position for the concrete products industry in United Arab Emirates and in neighboring GCC countries. The factory uses cutting edge technology, choice of high grade raw materials, modern machinery, highly skilled and trained workforce of 800 employees to keep pace with the ever increasing specifications & quantity requirements. Our project range is as follows.

Masonry Blocks: Variety of concrete blocks with various textures and shapes are produced. We do make Hollow, Solid, and Hourdi and Tensar blocks.
Tensar blocks used for retaining walls are exclusively produced by our factory for the UAE market.

Interlocking Tiles: These are extensively used for paving internal roads, pavements, parking lots etc. They are produced with varying colours, shapes & strengths to suit aesthetics and application needs. Some typical varieties are like Uni-shaped, Rectangular, Behaton, Classico, Tulpen, Quadro, Heel Kerb, Laywan Square, Elongeted Rectangular etc.

Hollow Core Slabs: These are precast; prestressed slabs in standard widths of 1.2 Mtrs.Typical applications include structural floors in multistoried buildings, schools, offices, warehouses and low cost homes.
The use of Hollow Core Slabs reduces the structure total weight resulting in smaller footings, increase the free span of the structure and reduce the construction time.

Precast Concrete Products: The product range covers Architectural Precast Cladding( with both grey finish and exposed aggregate finish),precast beams and columns,precast boundary walls,precast wall panels (including load bearing and thermally insulated walls) etc.Our factory is one of the approved factories by Dubai Municipality to produce insulated wall panels.
The factory also produces variety of Glass Reinforced Cement & Plastic Architectural items as per client's requirements.

We have supplied to large no. of prestigious projects. The absolute representative names are like Sharjah University, Dubai Airport, Mamzar Park, and Jebel Ali Hotel etc.

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